Message from the Chairperson

Founded in 1955, Ethiopian Airlines Basic Trade Union is the only Union in Ethiopia that managed to survive for more than half a century. Currently, it is the largest Union in the country with close to 5000 members and nearly 200 Union leaders.

Dear Members,

Unions are formed by workers for collective strength to advance their interests, to ensure their rights are protected, to enhance their job security and maintain continuous income stability, to ensure the well-being and continuous success of organizations, while working together to keep their work-life balance for a bright future. Thus, Unions recognize that the best form of welfare for workers is for them to be gainfully employed. Our Union is our basic organization of us, by us and for us, designed to improve our economic and other interests within the framework of us and our beloved Airlines.

The new Executive Committee, Council members Chief Shop Stewards and all Shop Stewards are working relentlessly with conviction and commitment to serve our members to achieve improvements to their working conditions and enhance their economic and social status. Since taking office from November 2013, we have solved a number of main concerns of our members. We have come a long way in strengthening the Union-Labor Management relationships. Currently, so as to give ultimate solution to the employees’ outstanding issues, unceasing discussions are being held at various levels. The below meetings have been conducted consistently and brought about a meaningful change to the Union and the entire employees.

  • Ethiopian Airlines CEO and Union’s Executive Members joint consultation meeting,
  • Union Executive and VP Corporate HRM monthly consultation meeting,
  • Shop Stewards and Higher Management meeting
  • Shop Stewards and respective Directors meeting (it is highly praised and should be given due concern) and
  • Shop Stewards and Union Council Members joint meeting.

We also strongly recommend all members and shop stewards to use the recently effected ‘HR Day’ and voice their concerns on any administrative issues to their respective supervisors. In last few weeks, ‘HR Day’ has brought noteworthy revolution in resolving employee major concerns and creating safe working environment. The implementation of ‘HR Day’ clearly signifies the level of understanding reachedbetween the Union and the Management. It is imperative that harmonious Labor-Management relations be the order of the day. The Union must be accepted as being in partnership with Ethiopian as it strives for greater success. It must not be seen as a rival body. Today, our progressive approach to work towards a win-win solution has gained recognition. Many employees and management staff have come to realize that our approach is more constructive to furthering the welfare and interests of Ethiopian and its employees.

Dear members

Our Union is geared to promote fairness, equality and conducive and safer working environment. For the Labor movement to get to the top, it needs to ensure that its leadership remains strong, progressive and relevant, strengthen their capabilities and prepare those who have the aspiration and the potential for higher responsibilities. Ethiopian Airline Basic Trade Union considers one of the main tasks in the immediate future will be of helping out a core of young union leaders for effective leadership renewal. It will continue working in enhancing the leadership qualities of its hardworking Shop stewards.

Dear Members,

There is a saying ‘hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car’, General Aviation Safety and Security is our first priority and responsibility. The Union reminds all its members strictly to adhere to the safety rules and procedures as well as the long standing good work culture and discipline of the Airlines. All must be safety and security conscious. As a good safety culture is built through time, we also urge all Shop stewards to work in collaboration with Safety, Security and Ethics Offices concerning any safety, security and mismanagement issues. At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Success by Ensuring Safety and Security.

Solidarity Forever!!!


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