Union overview

Our union had been established on 18/03/1955. We are one of the three major trade unions which played pivotal role for the establishment of the Confederation of Ethiopian Transport Workers Union /CETU/. Currently it is one of the sole renowned veteran and the largest trade union in our country. It has more than 6000 Members including Cock Pit Crews, Aircraft Technicians, Finance, Administration, Commercial and other ground staffs of Ethiopian Airlines employees.

Our union is solely administered by workers, on voluntary basis. It has been established in order to prevent problems that could be encountered by our employees, improve working conditions and create forum in order to enable them have freedom of expression.

Our Union has a legal recognition from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It is a member of the Confederation of Ethiopian Transport Workers Union /CETU/ and Transport Communication Industry Workers Unions Federation/TCIWUF and International Transport Workers` Federation/ITF/.

ETBTU continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our member’s have in us.

Our mission

  • We aim to strengthen the organization of the employees through responsible members to inspire unionism and belonging of Ethiopian airlines
  • To create an employee who achieves all its goals and rewarded enough after the success of the airline globally.

Our Value

  • The healthiest relationship built in between the union and the company.
  • The common understanding and better working environment circled around the table of the management and union,
  • The strong foundation of inter relationship among the union; the federation of transport and communication workers industry; confederation of Ethiopian trade unions and other sister trade unions
  • The consistent and well developed culture of solving internal and external problems and industrial disputes.
  • The strong relationship which tied up all the supporting professional associations to the union to be addressed

Our objectives

  • To ensure peace of the industry;
  • To guarantee job security of the employees;
  • To participate on Collective Agreement negotiations.
  • To negotiate on behalf of its members in connection with promotion, salary increment,transfer, recruitment and placement and other employees` matters.
  • To ensure the sustainability of our Airline’s profitability and success;
  • To enable workers get participated in various Social activities.
  • To represent workers at any level.
How can we help you?

Contact us at the ETBTU  office  or submit inquiry online.

ETBTU Organizational structure

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