Benefits granted to members with-drawing from the union
  • For Retired employees ,
  • For employees who are withdrawing from the Airline legally
  • For employees joining Management members:
Benefits on Death Accident
  • Passing away of a member, Funeral expense,
  • Passing away of a spouse:
  • Passing away of child of the employee:
  • Passing away of parents of the employee
Disability Assistance
  • When member of the Union faces physical disability based on the recommendations by the concerned medical board .
Loan Services
  • Holiday Advances: For members of the union they shall be entitled to receive loan and discount services:
  • For an employee whose contract is terminated unfairly the union shall pay financial subsidy of 50% of his/her monthly gross salary regularly and handle the litigation in court proceedings by the union`s advocate.
Medical Benefits
  • Overseas Medical Treatment &
  • Domestic Medical Treatment
Internal Recruitment
  • To enable the internal recruitment fair, transparent and free from any biases.
Discipline Committee
  • When an employee gets suspended the union shall participate in hearing the case and ensures that the employee gets fair justice.
Grievance Handling Committee
  • To make sure that employees shall receive appropriate and satisfactory fines and related warnings and punishments only in accordance with the applicable Collective Agreement and the Labor Laws.
Consultancy Service
  • Provides Legal and Psycho – social counseling service to employees;
Social Affairs
  • Ensures members participation in various social activities including sports, Donations etc.
  • Ensures that various training’s organized by the Airline are implemented in accordance with the applicable training policy and Collective agreement. It also ensures if employees are selected on a fairly just basis.

The Labour ...That is You!!

Welcome to Ethiopian Airlines Basic Trade Union.

Our union had been established on 18/03/1955. We are one of the three major trade unions which played pivotal role for the establishment of the Confederation of Ethiopian Transport Workers Union /CETU/. Currently it is one of the sole renowned veteran and the largest trade union in our country. It has more than 6000 Members including Cock Pit Crews, Aircraft Technicians, Finance, Administration, Commercial and other ground staffs of Ethiopian Airlines employees.

Our union is solely administered by workers, on voluntary basis. It has been established in order to prevent problems that could be encountered by our employees, improve working conditions and create forum in order to enable them have freedom of expression.

 Our Union has a legal recognition from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It is a member of the Confederation of Ethiopian Transport Workers Union /CETU/ and Transport Communication Industry Workers Unions Federation/TCIWUF and International Transport Workers` Federation/ITF/.


A union is simply an employee organization—protected by law—where a group of workers joins together to improve and guarantee their wages, benefits and working conditions. A union also gives employees a way to achieve respect and fairness on the job and a stronger voice to impact employer decisions.

When employees join together to form a union, they can pull together their various ideas and concerns in a unified voice with far more power than speaking alone. By joining with ETBTU, you will enjoy the protection of a legally binding contract, negotiated and voted on by you and your co-workers. As a union member you gain the right to negotiate with your employer as an equal and bargain over your wages, benefits, retirement, employer policies, schedules, hours of work, health and safety, job security and many other important workplace issues. There’s no doubt union workers fare better in the work world.

It is against the law for your employer to ask you about your union activity or to threaten, harass, fire, discipline or discriminate against you because of union activity. The National Labor Relations Act protects workers trying to form a union. When workers organize with ETBTU they can depend on support and back up if needed.

The members of the union make the decisions. Once you become a member you and your fellow workers will run your union. You elect your own negotiating committee and decide on contract priorities. You elect officers and leaders at the local and national levels.


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